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Welcome EBHA Members!

If you're reading this, you have probably purchased my webinar on Preparing for Psilocybin: An Interactive Guide to Oregon Psilocybin Services from EBHA. I appreciate your support! I have some additional resources below that will provide value and enrich your journey as a psychedelic-affirming clinician.

Download Free Bonus Content

As promised, I have a bonus package exclusively for you. It includes valuable resources:

  My favorite channels and organizations for learning about psychedelics

  Resources for your clients to increase safety

  References from my webinar to facilitate further research

You got it!

I value your feedback!

One of my life and business goals is to assist curious and compassionate healthcare professionals in becoming psychedelic-affirming clinicians, enabling them to support clients exploring psychedelics.

Please help me feature your feedback, allowing fellow clinicians to discover the benefits of my offerings.

Click the button below to participate in a brief survey. It will only take approximately five minutes to complete. It will greatly assist me in connecting with more clinicians like you, ultimately helping a more significant number of clients.

Elevate Your Practice with Personalized Consultations

Ready to enhance your journey as a psychedelic-affirming clinician? Take your practice to new heights by booking a one-on-one consultation with me. Gain tailored guidance and valuable insights to optimize your skills in integrating psychedelic experiences, navigating ethical considerations, and developing effective treatment plans. Take advantage of this opportunity to unlock your full potential as a clinician.

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